Master the Art of Setting Up Takedowns in BJJ: Tips from Mason Fowler

by Team Digitsu
Updated: April 03, 2024
Mason Fowler teaches how not to telegraph your takedown shots in BJJ
BJJ competitor Mason Fowler emphasizes the importance of setting up your takedown shots in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) to avoid telegraphing your moves. Telegraphing refers to revealing your intentions before executing a technique, which allows your opponent to anticipate and counter your actions. In this article, we'll share insights from Mason Fowler on how to improve your takedown game by getting comfortable with hand fighting and maintaining proper positioning.
Getting Comfortable on Your Feet

According to Fowler, the first step to avoiding telegraphed takedown shots is to get comfortable on your feet. BJJ practitioners may feel uneasy when standing and often make the mistake of attempting takedowns from too far away. This approach typically results in unsuccessful attempts and being sprawled on.
To gain confidence on your feet, focus on practicing proper stance, footwork, and movement during training. Spend time working on standing techniques and drills, which will help you feel more at ease and improve your overall grappling game.

The Power of Hand Fighting

Mason Fowler stresses the importance of hand-fighting to set up successful takedown shots. To practice hand fighting, engage in training rounds with partners close to your skill level. Instead of focusing on taking them down, concentrate on being comfortable in the standing position, being defensive, and preventing your opponent from shooting on you.
Hand fighting allows you to create openings and generate movement. Fowler recommends techniques such as clubbing the head, touching the shoulders, and maintaining a low stance with your legs spread apart. Avoid crossing your feet and work on collar ties, head control, fighting for underhooks, and inside head position.
Putting It All Together

To sum up Mason Fowler's advice, the key to not telegraphing your takedown shots in BJJ lies in:
  1. Gaining confidence and comfort on your feet.
  2. Mastering the art of hand fighting and using it to create openings.
  3. Maintaining proper positioning and being aware of your movements.

By incorporating these tips into your BJJ training routine, you'll develop a more dynamic and effective takedown game, ultimately becoming a more formidable grappler. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep refining your techniques and striving for improvement.
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